Why Working On Yourself Is Essentialy More Important Than Working On Your Business

When I was first introduced to the online marketing industry I had no idea about how much work was required to have a successful online business..


I have seen many leaders and successful people in the industry and always desired to have and accomplish what they have. Little did I know about just how much hard work, mistakes and sacrifices they have made to be where they are today.

Chris Hall

Chris working at Liquor Store

At the time of being introduced to making money online I was working away in the natural resources industry. I was so fed up of the lifestyle that I quit my job so I could start making money online and hold myself accountable for making it work, so that I would never have to go back to that kind of work and lifestyle again. Everyone thought I was crazy!

So I tried this online marketing thing for 2 months without much success and was forced to go back to work part time. I did not want to go back to the fly in fly out lifestyle so got a job working in a liquor store whilst still trying to work on my online business. I was generating leads into my business but was not making enough sales to be able to quit my part time job.

I then decided that it was time for me to put my online business on hold and put more focus on personal development and my mindset. I started listening and following famous people such as Brendan Burchard, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Kubassek, Jordan Belfort, Tony Robbins and others.

I also decided to enrol in Landmark Education which has brought about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of my life.

What I learned to do was shift my focus from putting my own needs first, to helping others in need. So me and my brother decided to partner together before having any significant results and we approached our business as a game. We were not fearful of losing money in the beginning because we look at mistakes as lessons and lessons that were learned in the pursuit to helping others.

“What I learned to do was shift my focus from putting my own needs first, to helping others in need”.

We had mapped a blueprint and planned the work to achieve the goals we wanted to achieve financially as well as personally. Even though in our first month working together we did not achieve our goals financially we did not let that bring us down. We looked at the positives such as the good habits developed to be an online marketer, our website, our branding, video skills, blogging and all the data collected and lessons learnt from our marketing efforts.

What I previously use to do and what the majority will do, is try something new and if does not work they say that it did not work and just quit. You can become envious about other peoples success and why it is working for them and not you. What we fail to understand is that many successful people have failed more than the majority but it did not stop them from moving forward. They are also the 1% of people willing to do what the other 99% are not willing to do

Personal development has taught me to take consistent action and believe in the process that I will achieve my desired outcome even before I see the results. Even when business is not performing as well as it should be, I will still have a positive outlook because I look at the progress that is being made and other areas of my life that are thriving.

So here are some tips you can apply to yourself and business for better results:

  • Never stop learning and become a student of personal development
  • Forget about 'I'll believe it when I see it' and adopt the approach 'I believe in myself and the process'
  • Replace the word 'Failure' with 'lesson learned'
  • Shift your focus from helping yourself, to helping others
  • Be grateful and have a positive outlook

I love being partnered with the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy because not only have they given me the vehicle to financial freedom and ability to live life on my terms, they have also introduced me to personal development, changed my mindset and my belief that I can do anything I want.


Chris with SFM and DEA Founders, Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

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    Love this … take your eyes of yourself, and put others first … Boom

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