The Truth About Internet Marketing

You owe it to yourself and your business to find out The Truth About Internet Marketing before you spend your earnings on a business model that may not be a fit for you if you are new to Internet Marketing.

In this article I want to lay all cards on the table, so people know exactly what they are getting into when it comes to internet marketing.

Truth # 1: Being an Internet Marketer requires focus

Several Internet Marketers follow various  Top Earners or Marketing Gurus around the internet and they often lose focus on the reason why they are in the industry or started a business in the first place. It’s great to have a mentor that is concerned with teaching you or guiding you in the right course, but when you get 10 or more emails in a day from different Internet Marketing Professionals, you’re going to suffer from information overload!

When I first got started, I subscribed to every internet marketers email list trying to learn all their golden nuggets at once. All this resulted in was an email inbox full of junk that would often be way too time consuming to keep up with! My advice to you when getting started is pick the right mentor first, and follow all the training to the tee.

Truth # 2: There is no shortcut to success in Internet Marketing!

Building a successful Internet Marketing business is a full-time job though I know a lot of people out there doing it part-time. Maybe it is because they are still employed and could be waiting for their Internet Marketing income to surpass their revenue before they become full-time Internet Marketers.

Me and my partner (Merr) working on some new landing pages

Me and my partner (Merr) working on some new landing pages

While this may be the safest way to go about it what I have found is that results come a lot quicker once you cement your belief system, arrange your finances quit your job and go full-time. I used to juggle my internet business part-time as an accountant and it all got a bit overwhelming to be honest.

But please do not quit your job if you do not have finance to market your business! You should realize that the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. To become successful in this industry, you have to put a lot of effort!

Truth # 3: There are fake marketers out there

Good people and beginners regularly fall for the scams that several fake 'Internet Marketers' use or say to get you to empty your pockets. These types of Internet Marketers tell beginners to join their business and they require nothing from you. If you see any websites telling you NO SELLING, NO ADVERTISING, NO RECRUITING and WE DO ALL THE WORK, don’t bother to waste your time listening to their false claims. I’ll explain to you why.

First on the list is NO SELLING. How are you going to get paid without selling a product or service? This is a funny strategy and they are obviously lying to you just to get a quick sale or generate leads. It seems they forgot that a part of their business is MARKETING which involves selling products in the market place.

Second, NO ADVERTISING, again lies. If you happen to visit a website that tells you “NO ADVERTISING”,  DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT listen to their false claims. False Advertising is an advertisement itself to sell you their service or products in a misleading way.

If the “advertisement” of that website tells you that there is “NO RECRUITING,” and they are asking you to purchase their product or service or sign up for their Newsletter or anything for free, they are obviously recruiting you to become a customer or a subscriber.

Lastly, I can say that this is the funniest, the most hilarious strategy that they are using. I can not comprehend as to why a person with enough amount of common sense would say “WE DO ALL THE HARD WORK” in terms of their Internet Marketing Business. If this is case, why would they want you to be a part of their Internet Marketing team if they want you to just sit back and relax while they are doing all the hard work? This is really hard to understand why.

Yes there are systems out there that do happen to be turnkey, like the Six Figure Mentors, but like any other turnkey business you still need to put in the hard work to get it off the ground!

Truth # 4: Investing in learning will help you succeed

The Truth About Internet Marketing is that you have to do all the things that I have covered in this article and invest for more learning. Success is not difficult once you have the knowledge base as well as the tools and strategies to make it all happen. My personal mentor Stuart Ross, who is a multiple seven-figure earner, is holding a webast (see banner below) which will help you learn about everything you need to build a successful internet business. This is where I recommend you get started if your serious about earning a lucrative income online.

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Hope you enjoyed our insights.

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    Great article! Internet Marketing is definitely one of the
    many ways one can generate residual income and build a lifelong business. But
    one thing that most people don’t understand is that ITS NEVER A GET RICH QUICK
    SCHEME, most people join this industry with the expectation of acquiring
    massive wealth or a huge check deposit into their account overnight.. Which
    should never be the case, once you begin developing this kind of mind-set,
    you’re better off remain broker for the rest of your life rather than broke and
    stressed. Your mind-set is key to your success or failure. Get it right from
    the start and you’ve done half of the job required. The rest is to learn what’s
    working and what’s not. Build relationships and give value to people rather
    than treating them like ATM machines. With that said I’m always willing to help
    those starting out in this industry with a nice kick start to help them skip
    all the mistakes that most people do and end up raising the scam flag ⚑ so if you’re interested, just
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