The # 1 Barrier To Your Success

I thought I’d start this week off by sharing with you something we all need to overcome in order create a business and life that you love.

We’re all guilty of this and I don’t want you to go through the same.

I pride myself on being a straight shooter with people so I apologize in advance if you are offended my honesty in this video.

My intention is purely to help only those who are ready to do what it takes to SUCCEED and live the best LIFE that we all deserve.

Have an amazing day 🙂

Would love to hear your thoughts


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Gerard and Chris

Gerard and Chris are avid bloggers, marketers, and online entrepreneurs. They are committed to helping others achieve success in Life and Business.

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  • Gil Balfas

    I don’t fully get the entitlement trap. I have been bitter recently about other pursuits, but thats because I have put in the work but still haven’t got the result. But with the SFM I have been a member since May 2013. Thats 2 years now and i have only made one Elite sale ($1300 in revenue), but I am not wingeing and complaining and thinking about quitting. I know I haven’t put in the work I said I was going to and I 100% believe this business model is for me and will work for me. People like you and your brother only confirm that because i remember having lunch with you guys at MOM 2014 just b4 all your success, but i heard how much you were putting into it and it completely sounded like a normal business – like landscaping, plumbing, consulting or anything. I make decisions very slowly, but when i do, I stick with it. I don’t quit. If nothing else but to not to have wasted the last 2 yrs I have spent learning Digital skills. That said, I feel I do deserve the good life, the adventurous life and the fun life and a Digital Business for that total freedom, well I am going out to get it. Is that entitled?

    • Gerard and Chris Hall

      Hey Gil this is not entitlement in my opinion. This is just feeling ‘derserving’. We all deserve the fun and adventurous life. Feeling entitled is very different. Confusing entitlement with feeling deserving can make feeling deserving seem selfish.

      Feeling deserving is a statement of your self worth. Even if you don’t have all the support and love you need right now, it gives you hope and permission to seek it out. It empowers you to seek love and helps you to trust when others reach out to give it. It gives you peace when others cannot respond because you know someone else eventually will.

      Feeling deserving is courageous. It is a form of faith because it believes that I am still worthy even if others aren’t immediately there to confirm it at a moment’s notice.
      Feeling entitled is quite different. It is a statement about others and what _they_ ought to be or do. It demands that a particular person or situation give me what I want now whether or not that particular person is in a place to give or has an inclination to give to me in particular.

      Feeling entitled clings where feeling deserving lets go. Whereas feeling deserving opens us up and sends us out to find new sources of support or strengthen existing ones, entitlement shuts us down by fixating us on a single target or source for our needs.

      • Gil Balfas

        My God. You are an impressive young man. These words are so wise! Blog post in this. Thanks for sharing. Feeling deserving. Like it.

  • Carina Asp

    That is a great message Gerard! Wonderfully put! Thank You.

    • Gerard and Chris Hall

      Thank you Carina 🙂