Are You Still Trading Your Time For Money? Discover A Whole New Way Of Living

So Its been 3 weeks back in Australia after spending 4 amazing weeks in South Africa, living the laptop lifestyle and experiencing things I never thought I would have done in my lifetime.

Today I wanted to reflect on Robert Kiyosaki’s CASHFLOW Quadrant, and how after reading his book Rich Dad poor Dad, I was able to transition from employee to business owner which has made a significant difference to my quality of life.


Robert Kiyosaki’s CASHFLOW quadrant

When I was an employee at the age of 23 I was earning a 6 figure income working away in the mining industry driving an underground truck. But the Problem was the kind of lifestyle I was living and I was trading my valuable time for money.

Fast forward 2 years later after having been introduced to the concept of being a business owner and having systems work for you, I am now making more money with an online business and my work days look much different than driving an agitator truck.

The Problem was the kind of lifestyle I was living and I was trading my valuable time for money.’

Even when my business partner was in the Philippines at the time we were able to stay in contact through the internet and run our business leveraging systems, whilst we chose to do what we wanted for the day.


One of the 7 Wonders Of Nature.. Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa

We also can’t help ourselves but be addicted to what we do and the feeling of your phone vibrating whilst your on an African Safari, on top of table mountain or wherever my digital life took me, only to check it to see that you have made another sale online is INSANE!

I am very grateful that I came across Robert Kiyosaki book Rich dad poor dad, and around the same time found the vehicle to be a business owner that has systems that work for me.

If you haven’t read Robert’s books and want to learn about the concepts that 95% of the wealthy people know, I suggest you get your hands on a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad.


First Time to see a Giraffe In Johannesburg

If you have read the book and are still looking for a way to become a business owner and have systems work for you, then owning an online business and learning the skills of online marketing may be your vehicle.

These are the very same system as Gerard and I use which has allowed us to essentially never work another day in our life because we absolutely love what we do!

Have a great day!

Hope you enjoyed our insights.

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  • Uli Rabeiro

    This book was one of my inspirations as well. It really does change the game for anyone that is listening. Congrats on all of your success and I look forward to reading more of your inspirational posts. Thanks guys.