Starting a Website Has Never Been This Easy

Not too long ago, in the not so distant past, business started and ended with the simple flip of a sign hung ever so vividly on a building’s front door. As the locks were removed and the windows opened, customers would enter to find an object of worth. Interacting face-to-face, the owners would have their sweet talk with their buyers, convincing the latter to buy an artifact or product. Just like the fairy tales, the cycle would continue, round and round like the hands of the clock.

But as the time continues its passing, one would begin to be awakened to reality. And the reality is, with the world we live-in nowadays, the traditional form of entrepreneurship is no longer enough to enlarge one’s business. With the advent of the Internet, more and more businesses are creating constantly updated websites to suit the needs of the masses. In the same manner that many successful companies have a good, if not tremendous online presence, you should too. Here then are a few tips to get you started.

#1. Find a cheap platform to build with.

Not being equipped with complex technical skills should not deter you from building a website. It is pointless to spend hundreds of dollars at a local community college to gain a rudimentary knowledge of hosting and domains when you can spend as little as $10 a month for website hosting through a professional service like GoDaddy or WordPress. These kinds of service providers know the vast ins-and-outs of the process and are great platforms on which you can build your site.

#2. Use Google’s system to get more viewers.

Search engines love websites that have relevant, well-written content on their pages. Because content attracts customers and customers spend money, quality information is a necessity in building a website. For one, you can give people good advice and useful information on a company blog, on Twitter and on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest to gain better chances of enjoying higher sales. Since the basic versions of most of these tools are FREE, there lies no monetary risk as well.

In addition, blogging may also help. You’re wrong if you think that blogging is just an internet plaything of mindless teenagers. It can entail puff pieces on products, industry news and even tips on how to use products.

#3. Sell your products online.

E-commerce is the business world’s new black. With sales hitting $27 billion dollars in a span of 37 days, betting on this form of business is a worthy gamble. The first step is simply, to get online. Money will flow eventually if you keep up with internet trends and make the appropriate changes to your website. Though it might take some time, remain vigilant in constantly improving your online presence and you will soon see your hard work translated into dollars.

The Six Figure Mentors knows that entrepreneurs have to adjust to the changing tide and build up an online presence, or risk eating the digital dust of their competitors. Transitioning to an online business persona may seem like a betrayal of the small-business spirit to some, but those who are willing to leave money on the table as part of some inane and irrational devotion to methods fast becoming obsolete might as well pack up shop. Set up a website, write something your target customer will want to read and enable them to buy products online.

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