Productive? Or just busy? Play to your strengths

Every weekday Gerard, Merrilee and myself meet in our home office by 9am to get started on working on our business.

As part of our morning meeting, we reflect on our business, discuss our plan and delegate individual tasks that we can each work on in order to be as efficient and productive during the day. The tasks that we assign each other are things that will move our business forward and are most time effective for what we are doing. If you were to ask me how how to build a website or edit a blog post, I would look at you with confusion. Ask Gerard or Merrilee and they they have had so much experience that they could do it with their eyes closed!

That’s why you play to your strengths!

If you want to run a successful business you need to do the things you enjoy that are moving your business forward. If you aren't doing the things you love you may become less productive, stressed and unfulfilled.

Whether you are working at it alone or as a team its important to concentrate on the money producing activities first. By money producing I mean lead generation, building relationships and following up with prospects.

It is then easy to scale your income by re-investing any income into more paid marketing and testing different marketing strategies.

Too many people are busy working on the things in their business that are not moving them forward. They will try to do and learn everything themselves, when they could be outsourced to someone else, which will allow you to concentrate on playing to your own strengths and moving your business forward.

Gerard and Chris

Gerard and Chris enjoying work at the home office


There is another important member of our team who is working behind the scenes doing many of the time consuming tasks that are very important but allow us to concentrate on what we do best. If you value your time then it is better to create a system that can then be outsourced. You get so much more done in your business knowing that you have another full time worker doing these other important tasks.

We outsource to the Philippines and you can have someone working for you for as little as $3 an hour. Although it may seem like you are taking advantage of cheap labour, in a third world country where unemployment is so high, these people are grateful that you are able to create jobs for them so they have an income to live on.

You now have a system in place for work being outsourced and are working on your business as opposed to doing everything yourself and working in your business. So put a value on your time and have the mindset that there are important things in my business that need to get done but can be done at a much lesser value than you put on your time.

So here is a summary of how you can move your business forward

  • Play your strengths
  • Concentrate on money producing activities first
  • Create systems that can then be outsourced
  • Put a monetary value on your time

A successful business is a business that has many systems in place and is still able to function and produce income whether if you are there or not. Be the CEO of your business, manage it from the top and make sure everything is running smoothly.

So ask yourself whether you are moving your business forward by  playing to your strengths and being productive? Or are you busy trying to do everything yourself?

If you would like to find out more about outsourcing and hiring a virtual assistant so you can start delegating tasks and get more done in your business, follow this link.

Hope you enjoyed our insights.

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To your success,

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Gerard and Chris

Gerard and Chris are avid bloggers, marketers, and online entrepreneurs. They are committed to helping others achieve success in Life and Business.

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  • KimHardin

    Great tips, guys. Outsourcing to the Philippines sounds like a great idea! I’ll look into it.

    • Gerard and Chris Hall

      Thank you for your comment Kim! I can tell you that outsourcing has helped us tremendously with our business and we’ve become more productive focusing on what’s going to take us to the next level whilst having other sections of our business running smoothly and effectively. I definitely recommend you have a look into it 🙂 All the best to your success!