How Your Personal Interests Can Make You Money Online

The digital economy has enabled people of all ages to utilize their passion, hobbies and interests as an approach to making money online using just a laptop and internet connection. It offers a more exciting and fun avenue to starting a business.

For example, If you love sports, do something related to games, sports gear, ticket sales for a game or sports apparel. If your fond of traveling (like myself), think about promoting a variety of destinations and work with travel agencies to create vacation packages or set up interactive blogs and websites that can be used for affiliate marketing.

Sure you can do freelance work or even work from home selling products or services on Amazon, eBay or Odesk, but the true value of earning money online is promoting and monetizing the things that you love doing most. Think outside of the box and be creative.

You can literally create something out of nothing on the Internet and find a way to earn huge profits.

It will be much easier for you to start building and maintaining your own website, online store, blog or other income-generating platforms if you are doing it with something that you are passionate about. Don’t think that your ideas are limited due to the number of competitors out there in the digital marketplace. Pursue what it is that you love to do and use it to live your life at its best without regrets! The lesson here is to tie your talents and skill sets with your dreams and ambition and it will definitely take you to the top of that mountain.

Blogging about your passions

If you are not a good writer, then maybe blogging is not for you. But here’s the thing, I never saw myself as a good writer until I actually tried it. Part of my job is to blog daily about my niche (internet marketing) so I can help others reach the same level of success as I have with my brother Chris and partner (Merrilee). I also write articles about my personal interests and passions because I have a unique view of the world and want my message to spread across the world.

If you love traveling (like myself), simply blog about traveling!

If you love traveling (like myself), simply blog about traveling!

At first I hated blogging, but since practicing the art daily I found that blogging gave me a creative outlet and really woke up my inner entrepreneur. Writing a blog is just about being yourself and and providing value to the market place. The beautiful thing with internet marketing is that it is one of the few industries where you get paid for being fully self expressed :).

However, If you really cringe at the thought of blogging, you don’t need to push yourself into writing articles. You can always outsource it very cheaply to or Just make sure you add your personal touch because no-one like reading like a robot.

Think creatively

Take some time to think creatively and do some brainstorming. Look at what is out there now, and see if you can make something that everyone else is not doing yet.

Let your passion, hobbies and interests take center stage as you decide what to do for your upcoming online business ventures. You can make money online doing what you love and enjoy, and it just takes some hard work, dedication and persistence to reap the rewards that the Internet can offer you.

If you would like to learn more on how you can monetize the internet using what you are passionate about then these proven online marketing tactics can help build your business fast.

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Hope you enjoyed our insights.

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  • C Steve Greenhalgh

    Great Stuff Gerard, I found blogging really tough at first, but when I found I could connect with people almost by talking my thoughts onto the page, I relaxed, and as you have practiced… I still find it challenging, but the rewards make it worthwhile. keep It up you are doing real good 😉