How To Make Money On Twitter

There are a lot of ways that you can take advantage to make money on twitter. However, not all of them are made equal. There are more opportunities for you to generate an extra income stream from Twitter if you know how to utilize it well. You don’t need to be a social media guru in order to achieve your success. In fact, many people have even created careers from the money they earn with Twitter. All you need is the ambition and some creativity to carry it out.

Here are some useful ways that you can try in making money on Twitter.

Getting a job

When you search for a new job, Twitter is not what usually first comes to your mind, but perhaps it should be. Well, a lot of unemployed individuals have had succeeded in looking for new employment because of contacts made on Twitter.


Selling your products

This might be a no-brainer, however several businesses seem to forget that people will not buy anything if they do not see any call-to-action. These days, the conversation becomes more old school when it comes to how one sells products on Twitter.

One of the most useful and working strategies is to use discounts and promotions to spur spending. Several businesses have made plenty of success in their daily deals and their other general marketing practices that suits well with Twitter. Just ensure that you’re not overpowering your Twitter feed by means of pushy selling.

Producing your own Twitter-related service

You should already have a good idea what your audience are using in their leisure time on Twitter. Take this as an advantage by making a product on Twitter that they will like. For instance, many Twitter users would want to use apps that enable them to create hash tags automatically based on virality.

Well, something like this may already exist, but you can still create and improve a better product which your followers will also love. You may also use sites like Fiverr as an alternative to charge people for building your Twitter presence. I have actually done this myself through helping others build real Twitter followers for cheap prices, such as $5 for every 100 followers.

Holding a Twitter contest

There’s nothing more efficiently engaging than a prize. You may try connecting with a certain local business who wants their product to have publicity. Try offering to organize a Twitter contest and get paid a percentage of the sales that come in. There are so many creative and fun ways to create a contest that sounds enticing to your followers. You may also crowdsource them for ideas, ask them to retweet/favorite something, or ask them to be judges.

Driving traffic

If you are running a website which makes money from on-site affiliate links, display ads, or some other monetization methods, Twitter may be the perfect tool for increasing your revenue indirectly.

Although you will not be making money from Twitter in direct, you have the chance to drive Twitter followers to a certain place where you can be making money through them.

So hopefully the ideas I have mentioned have provided some inspiration, framework, and motivation for you to have successful Twitter campaign. You can create something out of nothing if you utilize Twitter well.

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