Internet Marketing: How to Get Started

How To Get Started In Internet Marketing

Operating and running a successful business is hard in any industry. If you have been in business for three, ten, fifteen years or longer, there’s no doubt you are doing it right despite the notoriously brutal competitive landscape. However, if you’re a start up, the question you surely ask yourself in the first place is how do I get started in Internet Marketing?

In this article, we have summarized several ways on how you can get started in creating a profitable online business.

1) Set your goals.

The first and the most essential part of launching an internet marketing business is to set an end game.What are your goals and objectives?

Do you want to have 100 affiliates in a month?

Grow your Facebook followers to 10,000?

Increase your website visitors by 60 percent?

Generate 10 new leads per month?

When setting objectives for your Internet marketing business, you may want to make sure that they are measurable so you can keep track of your milestone, gauge your efforts, and make necessary adjustments.

2) Make Sure Website is Fresh, Up-to-Date and Modern

Once you are done setting up your goals, the second step is to make sure that your site looks modern and is easy to use . You might need a checklist for this. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your website design and color scheme fresh-looking?
  • Is your site content up-to-date and well-branded?
  • Do you have any way of capturing your visitor's contact information?
  • Do you offer call to actions like e-books, downloadable white papers, newsletter sign-ups, etc?
  • Does your website have a mobile version that enables your visitors to easily access your site from a tablet or a cellphone?

3) Maintain a blog.

Apart from that, consider blogging as part of your content marketing strategy so that your visitors will find specific tips, ideas, information, videos, and industry information.

Make sure to add social media sharing buttons to your site to boost brand awareness as search engine rankings are partly determined by how much and how often your content is shared on the web.

Keep in mind that your website is the center of all your internet marketing efforts, thus it is useless to put content out there if you are not even driving potential customers back to your website that inspires them to opt in.

4) Jump into social media.

Now you are all set to jump into the social media world. But don't overdo it, just start small. You may start by creating an account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, which are the big four social media players.

However, before you sign up and put effort into these, take some time to track and review the demographics of each to identify which of them would be the best fit to begin with.

Ready to get started in internet marketing and become profitable online?

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Hope you enjoyed our insights.

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    I’ve been reading up on Twitter and Pinterest, guess I need to stop reading and tweeting/pinning! Great info, guys! Thanks!

    • Gerard and Chris Hall

      Most definitely Kim! Thanks for your feedback 🙂