The Most Important Ingredient To Financial Freedom

Today I’m feeling very blessed…

I just realised that it is now 7 January 2015, a time when people are already back to their daily Monday to Friday 9 – 5 grind.

IMG_1284What am I doing?

Well I’m back to work too, only difference is that I absolutely love my job now! Being an accountant in my former life was never me! God bless internet marketing and the training platform provided by The Six Figure Mentors 🙂

So as you know from my last video, I’ve started my year 2015 year off in the beautiful beaches of Borocay where I explained the key distinction between Time Vs Money.

Unfortunately today it hasn’t stopped raining and I havn’t been able to get the beach where I wanted to shoot today’s video for you. But I still pulled out the camera and put together another video that I’m confident you are going to find very valuable towards achieving your own financial goals for 2015.

Today’s video is called “The Most Important Ingredient To Financial Freedom”.

Smart and financially successful people apply what I talk about in this video every single day when they do business.

You can watch today’s video below… oh and please try to ignore the noisy wavepool in the background of my hotel I really need you to understand this concept!

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  • Kathleen McKay

    Fantastic share Gerard! It’s awesome seeing your growth. All the best for 2015! You guys are nailing it! xx