Importance Of Great Sleep and a Morning Routine

Many people say ‘I’m just not a morning person’. They will set there alarm 30 minutes before they get out of bed with the intention of pressing the snooze button 5 times. They then may be in a rush to get ready for there work day that they have a quick breakfast, that includes a coffee on the go that they couldn’t function without.

My routine use to look similar to this and although it would get me through the first half of the day I would find my body crashing mid though the day. I was also having my gym workouts in the evening that I was not looking forward to after a long day and found it was the busiest part of the day where I would wait in line for a piece of equipment.


I then made some adjustments to my quality of sleep and morning routine that leaves me with more energy and focus. Since me and my brother live together and work from home we also hold each other accountable for getting up every morning and going to the gym together.

Part of our morning routine is to drink a bottle of water as soon as wake up so we are hydrated and it also boosts your metabolism. You also feel great!


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Then its a quick pre workout shake and of to the gym where our workout starts at 6.30am. Its almost empty at this time of the day so there is no waiting in line for equipment and we are able to workout with high intensity.

The feeling of finishing your workout where you are getting a natural high with the release of endorphins is something that no amount of money can buy! On our drive back home you can hear it in our voices as we talk about our business just how excited we are to get working on our business, knowing that we have already got a workout in for the day.


As we get home we then have a healthy high protein breakfast that will fuel us for the day. We are in our home office at 9am ready to work, already satisfied that the house is clean, workout is complete, we have had a healthy breakfast, a good nights sleep and not relying on on coffee to get our brains working.


So here is a breakdown of what you can incorporate into your morning routine:

  • I’m not saying that everyone needs to go to the gym in the morning but waking up that extra 30 minutes earlier and getting any form of exercise in will be beneficial to you.
  • Drink as much water as you can first thing in the morning
  • Have a healthy high protein breakfast
  • Stay away from the coffee

Having a morning routine will get you started for the day, but having a good nights sleep will charge you for the entire day without relying on other substances such as coffee or other caffeine sources. When you get a good night sleep you do not need the alarm clock to get you out of bed because you will automatically rise after having the adequate amount of sleep between 7-9 hours.


These are some of the things that I incorporate to get a better nights sleep:

  • Have a caffeine curfew at least 6 hours before your bedtime
  • Stay away from electronics. Make your bedroom a Laptop, TV and phone Free zone. Substitute this with reading a book or talking to your partner
  • Love making 😉 For men a hormone called prolactin is released which causes sleepiness and drowsiness
  • Keep away from alcohol as it effects your quality of sleep
  • Get to bed earlier and have the lights off at least 8 hours before you wake up


Having incorporated these principles everyday I am fully charged for the day and do not rely on caffeine to get me through the day because my energy sources come from a good nights sleep. I do not find it difficult to get to sleep at night because my mind and body is already ready for rest. I guarantee that stepping out of your comfort zone and implying some of these principles, you will will feel amazing and have a better quality of life 🙂


Hope you enjoyed our insights.

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