How We Earned Over $63,000 While On Vacation

Now before I begin I do realise there is a lot of hype and hot air when it comes to people making false claims about how much money they are making working online.

If you’re one of those suckers that have bought into one of these programs that promise $1,000’s and $1,000’s in income within no time and very little work involved, then I’m here to tell you that these claims simply don’t exist. It’s good to know that most people can see through all the BS when it comes to making money online and I want to break down how you are able to earn a realistic six figure income the right way.



We recently got back from traveling around the United States for the past 6 weeks and while we were away, our business grossed our second largest month in sales for the month of October with $63,519.65 USD in commissions.



During this time our business took a back seat while we enjoyed traveling around Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Mexico for the first time.

We did however, take a lot of footage of all the fun we were having which is a big part of our business and brand 🙂

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So just exactly how can you earn large amounts of money if you are not working and enjoying your vacation? Let me break this down into three important points for this to be possible.


download (3)1. Consistent Marketing

First of all you need to make sure that you are still running marketing campaigns consistently, everyday and on auto pilot. Whenever you stop your marketing, your business slows down because you are no longer acquiring potential new customers, and without people buying what you have on offer then how do expect to get paid??

Before going away we made sure our best marketing campaigns were running which is something that must be monitored daily but we only checked it 4 times because of all the fun we were having 🙂

2. Systems and Automation

Simages (2)econdly, you need to have systems in place which enable your business to still be running even when you’re not directly working on it. For example when someone subscribes onto our email list, they will start to receive emails automatically because we have already set them up in our autoresponder.

This is very powerful because people are able to watch your content, learn more and make decisions even though you are not in direct contact with them.


We also leverage the Six Figure Mentors business system that we are affiliated with. We simply find the SFM new customers, then the business coaches and employees do all the hard work behind the scenes.

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3. High Ticket Products

Lastly to earn the big bucks you need to sell products that will pay you the big bucks. What I am referring to is what we like to call ‘High Ticket Products’ which are products that will pay you $1000+ per sale.

Most people selling products that are not high ticket find it hard to earn a full time income because they need to sell in high volume compared to selling 1 high ticket product.

For more detail about the products we sell you, can read our post when we hit our first $100,000 month in June by clicking here. While on holidays, we were able to sell 26 high ticket products ranging from $1,000 – $5,800 per sale.



On the 29th October while in Mexico attending a mastermind retreat held by the Six Figure Mentors, we had a big surprise waiting for us when we were able to connect to wifi.

We found out that in just 24 hours we made over $20,000 USD in commissions!

The picture below, which was taken from our SFM back office, includes 7 high ticket sales for that particular day. It still blows my mind that we did not invest millions of dollars and years of experience creating the products offered by the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy, but they pay there affiliates 40% to sell there high ticket products.

We found out that in just 24 hours we made over $20,000 USD in commissions!


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With friends trekking up to the famous Hollywood sign


It really is the most simple way to earn enough income to allow you to live your desired lifestyle without having to do the hard work of creating your own products.

We are proud students of the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy which is why we continue to promote products that allow people to transition from reliance on their current job or occupation to a life of freedom, self-reliance, and total control.


It’s also worth noting something that most top earners never disclose which are the expenses involved to generate this amount of income. As online marketers that use paid marketing strategies to acquire new customers through platforms such as Youtube, our marketing expense is 99% of our total expenses to run our online business.

As you can see we were able to turn a net profit of $50,337.95 with an return on investment of 430.62% for the month of October.

Not bad for a trio of young entrepreneurs on holidays working on there own schedule. Your bank account is suppose to dwindle after a long vacation not expand by over $69,000 Aussie dollars. Run an online business and most expenses such as flights and accommodation are tax deductible. So spend up and go crazy!

…we were able to turn a net profit of $50,337.95 with an return on investment of 430.62% for the month of October.


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.20.04 pm


The purpose of this post was to give you the reality on how you can actually make this possible. But the thing is.. it much easier said than done. If it was so easy then everyone would be doing the same. To get to this level and beyond, it takes a lot of hard work and struggle that most people are not willing to go through.

Ask yourself that even if it took you more than 3 years, would it still be worth it?

Damn right it should be worth it! Each of us have put more time and money into our university degrees only to end up in jobs that we were not passionate about.

Make a commitment to yourself to start living life on your own terms. Below is a video I shot of the success rate of building a digital lifestyle. Become that 1% of leaders who break away and get these kind of results..


How can you get started?

If you want to be a part of something great with lots more potential to come then we would urge you to apply today. You will receive 6 hours online video training which explains what else the SFM provides in more depth.


Just imagine what you could achieve in 8 months. Even it was half of our results, wouldn’t $100,000 be nice to have?

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Click HERE to submit your risk-free application and get started on your own life changing journey today!

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If you would like some more information before you apply you can also click HERE.

Thanks for reading, please share and comment and we hope to work with you soon!








P.S If you have already submitted an application to the Six Figure Mentors, or joined as member and would just like some guidance or advice, you can either email us directly at or schedule a Free 15 Skype Consultation Call with us here.

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