How to Create Multiple Streams of Income on the Internet

I once believed that the only method I had for earning money was my job as an accountant. I’d go through the usual routine of getting up, going into work, coming home and waiting for that ever important paycheck to reach my very hands, all the while believing that life is good as it is. In fact, not so long ago, I had become satisfied with the thought that saving half of my salary would be enough to one day allow me to buy a car or renovate my parents’ house!

Without a doubt, I thought all was well. Till one day, some thoughts popped into my mind. What would happen if I were to have my own family? Would my income suffice? Would it be enough for our daily needs? Would I still be able to support my mum and dad? Would everything still be fine with what little money I receive on payday?

Gerard and Chris

No more suit and tie! Happy to leave the corporate rat race 🙂

In all honesty, I was distraught. I didn’t know what to do… till by stroke of luck, I stumbled upon a website called The Six Figure Mentors.

There, I found the answer to my questions as I read the life story of the website’s founder, Stuart Ross. I realized then that what I needed to do was to create a safeguard. Yes, I needed to create more sources of revenue in case something disastrous went my way! So, here’s what I did.

I started a blog

You’re reading it, actually. I earn some income from the advertisements. What’s better? The writing can be done pretty much whenever! By simply placing ad tags from Ad Networks like Google Adsense, Media.Net, ContextWeb, AdClickMedia, Adbrite, Adify, BuzzLogic and Casale Media, I earn passively with my blog. Regarding these Ad Networks, here are some things to consider though. If you want the best paying Ad Network out there, Google Adsense is your choice. However, the approval rate for the applicants is not that high so best be prepared when you apply. A good alternative to this, in my opinion, would be Not only is NJ Network an ad publisher company that is affiliated with ad networks, it pays much higher compared to other Ad Networks as well.

I hired a Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, virtual assistants can do just about any activity that doesn’t require their physical presence. I hired a virtual assistant in the Philippines so that I can take more jobs without having any conflicts in my schedule. Many virtual assistants from places like India and the Philippines are working full time for people in the U.S, Australia and U.K. The best VAs can earn $30 to $50 per hour. However, our personal assistant only costs us $2.50 an hour! We train our VA with new systems everyday and they have been a lifesaver for our business…  If you’re interested in hiring one, I’d suggest for you to start with places like Elance and You can also check out this free webinar hosted

I started an Online Business

Making money online is not as painstaking as one would assume. For what it’s worth, it requires very little cash investment and it can even be done at your leisurely hours at home. I started as a student in The Six Figure Mentors with a simple $29.95 investment and believe me, I have learned heaps of cool stuff that I never knew before. I discovered some awesome tactics and tools required to start earning cash online. Even now, I remain very grateful that I chose to invest in their learning. After learning all the important things in starting a business, I decided to be an affiliate of SFM and build my own business under the SFM Business System. It gave me all the tools, trainings, and coaching! Without me having noticed it, it boosted my first $1,000 commission to $5,000 – a sum I could never have gotten from my old job! I promise you that when this gets rollin’, you’ll see how simple it is to get hundreds of bucks and thousands of dollars with the SFM Business System.

However, there are more ways to create multiple income streams online that I haven’t tried before like…

Freelance Writing

If you have a knack for writing, why not use the talent to get yourself something good? Freelance writers can earn great money writing for others. Not sure how to start? Contact bloggers who are always looking for great writing. As blogs grow, they can afford to pay freelancers good money for quality articles. Websites looking to build links also hire freelancers to write guest posts to be published on blogs and websites.

Website Designing

With the continued growth of the Internet, website design has become a growing industry, and a lucrative one at that. Unless you already have the know-how, you’ll need to spend some time learning the technology. No need to worry though. There are plenty of online resources available and the best in the business can earn a great income.

Graphic Artist

Your artistic skills always come in handy, especially in the art of generating money. As a graphic artist, there are plenty of ways by which one could earn those bucks. In fact, even a business logo alone could keep both your hands and your pocket busy. The only set of skills you need are an artistic mind and a focused demeanor to start making those cool graphic designs.

As you can see, creating multiple income streams comes in more ways than one. You simply need to find that starting point! What could be more interesting than that?

Smart money management is anchored on the balance between income and expenditure. By generating more sources of income and minimizing one’s expenses, a great distance can be reached. While earning extra income does take considerable effort, the payoff can be huge.

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So if you’re interested in taking the leap, why not invest in learning like I did? Let me tell you, once you’ve learned the important things about earning money online, the commissions will come to you steadily – over and over, just like clockwork! So what are you waiting for? Join The Six Figure Mentors now and start changing your life for the better!

Hope you enjoyed our insights.

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