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  • delroy everett

    Hi guys,
    just wanted to thank you for the opportunity, im desperate to change
    This humdrum existence.
    i will get back to you as soon as i have the money to join in a few weeks

    Many Thanks

    Talk soon

  • Gerard and Chris Hall

    Hi Delroy.

    It is our pleasure.

    We look forward to helping you succeed with our community. We have definitely found our passion.

    Take care and speak soon

    Gerard and Chris

  • Sergei Romanoff

    It’s going to take ELEVEN BILLION to turn off the planet destroying C02.
    I have a plan. Who’s in?
    I’ll give you a hint.
    BUSK for the MUSK
    Non Government
    Non Profit
    I need business heads that can perform artistically to Millions of viewers.
    Leon DiCaprio is in, but we must organize.
    I’m a perfomer with 56 years TV experience.
    A filmmaker for 45 years experience.
    A REALITY MOVIE will be made. A genre that doesn’t exist…yet.
    Captain Sam Water