Earning $24,130 In 28 Days – The Sheer Power Of The Internet

Last month we pulled in $24,130 from just one income stream…

Powerful stuff right?

Check out the video I shot two days ago below to show you this incredible stream of income.

Now please don’t think that we shot this video to brag or show off, our intentions were quite the opposite.

The intention of the video is to just show you the sheer earning potential of the internet. It was also shot to show you how quickly you can change your life if you decide to work smarter, not harder.

At the end of the day we are just two ordinary dudes who chose a little bit differently to most. Our passion now is to help people understand that they have choices. We are tired of seeing people getting trapped by the traditional system (aka go to school, get good grades, get a J.O.B – Just Over Broke)

Since leaving our corporate jobs and scaling our income online we have become less stressed, we have more free time, we have become incredibly close with our families, we have inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to finally start pursuing their passions and dreams, and we finally actually love what we do!

Anyway we really hope you enjoy today’s video.





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About The Author

Gerard and Chris

Gerard and Chris are avid bloggers, marketers, and online entrepreneurs. They are committed to helping others achieve success in Life and Business.

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  • Mark Ford

    Congratulations on your success Gerard and Chris. So well deserved and you are inspirational to our Community. The earning potential of the internet is indeed immense, and you have cracked the code! – well done.

  • http://dereksharrononline.com/ Derek Sharron

    Congratulations on F-ing Crushing it this month.
    Guys thanks so much for Introducing me to the SFM. I just wanted to stop by and say congrats and thanks! I am working now on building my website as I move forward. dereksharrononline.com

    • https://gerardandchrisonline.com/ Gerard and Chris Hall

      Thank you Derek! We’re absolutely loving this system 🙂 glad to have been able to refer you. If you need any help were always here for you to reach out to. Cheers mate! Best, Gerard