How To Discover Your X-Factor And Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur

Each of us has a unique set of circumstances that we have experienced in life. Challenges we have overcome, obstacles we have conquered, and adversity we have triumphed through. Each of these experiences makes us unique, unlike any other person in the world. Moreover, they have given us an entirely unique perspective of the world.

This uniqueness is your biggest asset.

No one on the planet is exactly like you. And, if you know the art of storytelling, this is where the value lies.

Your unique story is your X-Factor.

Now, the best part...

  • What if there were a way unlock the value that your story has?
  • What if there were a way for you to tap into the value of your unique perspective of the world, your character, your uniqueness, and exploit it!
  • What if there were a way to take your movie out from under the bushel and into the light where others can actually benefit from what you know and what you have experienced?

Instead of taking your life experience, that we all pay dearly for with blood, sweat and tears, to the grave with you, you get to share it and contribute something valuable to society. What if this X-Factor could be the intangible piece of the puzzle you've been missing to unlock the future you really want to live?

A little while ago my mentor, Jay Kubassek did a keynote presentation titled:

"WAKE UP: Uncover Your X-Factor" << You have to check out this video!

In this keynote presentation, he tells his personal story and how he went from being ashamed and embarrassed about it - to turning his unique set of circumstances and upbringing into his biggest asset.

Instead of allowing his circumstances to trap him into a predefined life trajectory, he turned each of them into unique assets. As he likes to say, "He turned the shit into shingle, the lemons into lemon bars."

The hurt, guilt and shame, he turned into character traits that now serve him, and tens of thousands of others, he has inspired to live their best life.

Whether or not we like to think our story is unique, or has value - IT DOES.

In fact, I would say that the more unique (good, bad or different) it is the more interesting and relatable by others. The question is: Will you be brave enough to embrace your story? To share it?

Now without being an anthropologist, (or any other form of society studying academic), I know that the act of storytelling is one of the oldest skills we have as human beings. Since the dawn of civilization, the most common, simplistic and powerful forms of communication has been the art of the story.

 Stories impart lessons of morality in our youth, inspire us in moments of anguish as adults, they animate our imagination with inner promise when it seems there is none to be found. Stories, color the depths of our being, and recall the blessings of a life well spent when our Autumn arrives. Stories are what are left after the life lesson was learned and the character was developed.

We are often told or taught, to visualize an end-goal, an outcome that we want. But what of the journey, what of the pursuit?

Isn't successful living more about the journey than the destination? Isn't there an equal reward in the process, such as the accomplishment of our dreams and goals?

In this living theatre of ours, remember: You are the director and the actor. You are the writer, the set designer, and producer.

Whether you want to accept the fact of the matter or not, your life story is being RECORDED, daily.

You're on your life's movie set each second of every day and the cameras are always rolling. There is no escape.

What you do with the hours, minutes and seconds, that is up to you. How the story comes out, is up to you. Whether it will be worth watching in the end, when it flashes before your eyes, is a choice we all get to make daily.

Remember this: Your story has tremendous value and one of the most lucrative skills of the digital economy is, believe it or not, "story telling". The value is already there... you have already paid the price. Why not get paid for it now!

Hope you enjoyed my insights.

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