Celebrating Our $300,000 Milestone Vegas Style

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What a start to the month. We just spent the last week at a marketing event hosted by The Digital Experts Academy and have been absolutely blown away by the insights and transformational value we experienced.

Chris, Merrilee and I will be taking our internet business to the next level after implementing everything we’ve learned over the weekend.

So the point of this blog post is let you know that while we were attending the event, our Six Figure Mentor online commissions finally ticked over $300,000!

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It was only a couple of months ago I was blogging about achieving the $200,000 milestone so the momentum we’ve been experiencing has just kept churning along.

For the month of September, we did exactly $26,457 that helped us achieve this new milestone.

What is more exciting is that we get to travel around the United States over the next 5 weeks as we head into Mexico for the Digital Experts Academy Annual Black Retreat.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.40.18 amWe’ve got nothing planned, but we have the flexibly and freedom to choose our own adventure with the luxury of taking our whole business with using simply our laptops and a wifi connection.

How can you get started?

If you want to be a part of something great with lots more potential to come then we would urge you to apply today. You will receive 6 hours online video training which explains what else the SFM provides in more depth.

Just imagine what you could achieve in 8 months. Even it was half of our results, wouldn’t $100,000 be nice to have?

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Click HERE to submit your risk-free application and get started on your own life changing journey today!

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 10.33.26 amIf you would like some more information before you apply you can also click HERE.

Thanks for reading, please share and comment and we hope to work with you soon!


P.S If you have already submitted an application to the Six Figure Mentors, or joined as member and would just like some guidance or advice, you can either email us directly at gerardandchrissfm@gmail.com or schedule a Free 15 Skype Consultation Call with us here.





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