Can You Make A Difference In The World?

Just how comfortable are you living life? Or maybe you find it a really big struggle? Are you satisfied with everything you have? The car, house, education, family, relationships, job, money, health etc.

This past weekend I completed The Landmark Advance Course and found out more about myself in 3 days than I have in my whole lifetime. It seems that I have all of the above and am very satisfied with everything in my life. I started an online business with my brother so It could allow me to have all these things and live the amazing lifestyle that I am.

But during the 3 days as I reflected on my life and my purpose, I discovered that I had so much more to give and can make a bigger difference in the world. Apart of our online business is helping others earn money online, create financial and time freedom for themselves so they can live life on their own terms and do what makes them happy. Although that brings me satisfaction and is how I earn income, it is still very much about me and not what is most important to me.

mum and dad

Mum and Dad Supplying relief goods for people effected by the typhoon

If you know my background you would know that I am Half Filipino. The Philippines is a very poor country and very different from my hometown in Perth,  Western Australia. My parents live over there and are apart of the Rotary club of Cebu which is a volunteer organisation that address crucial issues by providing health care, medical supplies and a whole range of other crucial things to help the people who need it most.

The 100’s of lives that my parents are able to save truly touches and inspires me. It really made me question just what I was doing living in Perth and running a business that I can run and manage from anywhere in the world. How could I contribute to what is important to me when I am living over 5000km away, living a comfortable life in a place of abundance?


Young boy who is going in for surgery thanks to the help of the Rotary Club

Honestly I can not do it on my own but the power of a community and working in numbers will greatly help me in my mission. I will start by being apart of an organisation such as the Rotary my parents are involved in. It even inspires me to have a really successful online business so I am not constrained by money and time.

Ask yourself what is really important to you and how are you going to make a stand for it. Helping yourself, your family and your relationships is satisfying, but standing up for something and making a difference in the world will leave you living an extraordinary life. If you have experienced the satisfaction of making a difference to others and what is important to you, you will know that helping yourself and looking good won’t even be a comparison.

So go out there and make your difference 🙂


Hope you enjoyed our insights.

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  • C Steve Greenhalgh

    This reminds me of the story of the young boy on a beach throwing stranded starfish back in the sea after a storm. The beach was literally covered in the creatures and they were all going to die.
    A wealthy business man came by and was amused at the efforts of the young boy.

    He asked him how he hoped to change such a huge scene of devastation,
    “You can not make a difference to all theses starfish.”

    The boy smiled bent down and picked up another Starfish, and as he threw it back to the ocean, he said
    “it made a difference to that one “…

    The wealthy businessman was so overcome by the simplicity of that statement he took off his coat and his shoes and socks and spent the rest of the day, making a difference “To That One”

    I love that you have realised you have the power to make a difference… Go out and make your mark, you will sleep far better at night 😉
    Steve G

    • Gerard and Chris Hall

      What an inspiring story Steve, thank you for sharing! Everyone has a unique gift and talent to make a difference in the world, no one should be told otherwise or live their life building someone elses’ dream. All the best to your success and cheers for the comment!