Gerard William Hall


Who Am I?

I’m a former accountant who use to hate his job. I felt like a slave monkey who never had the time or freedom to make my own choices without having to report to a boss. But here’s the thing... I dealt with it.


Because really I didn’t know any better... My environment of close friends, family and co-workers shaped my belief system to believe that getting an education and climbing the corporate ladder was the ultimate path to success. I had already in my head planned my future to continually work my ass off in something I had absolutely no passion for.

And for what?

Just so I could afford a mortgage that would keep me trapped for life and have me continually chasing my tail and leave me spiraling into a life of working harder and harder in order to barely survive. Hmm. No thank you.

So when did it all change?

It was mid 2013 when I just got back from an epic 6 week holiday with my best mate traveling around Europe. I had been working hard all year trying to save save save while putting in extra work at my job doing over time to ensure all my deadlines had been met.

It was honestly 6 of the best weeks of my life and it allowed me to do a lot of thinking. I had been bitten by the travel bug. I was dreading coming back into work and when I did I must admit just felt defeated. After literally half a day of sitting in front of a computer on my first day back the crazy thing is that it felt like I had never left!

This was a reality check.

Why do I have to spend every day of my life slaving away at something I didn’t like just to enjoy vacations that gave me temporary relief from the reality of my crappy day job situation?

Growing up as a kid the world was exciting. Becoming an adult sucked. That’s just reality right. But who say’s that this has to be your reality? Your reality is whatever you perceive it to be. Once you realize you have the CHOICE and ABILITY to take control of your life that feeling of being an energetic soul comes back and BOY oh BOY the world becomes exciting again!

So anyway back to how it all began...

After this holiday and reality check I started searching for ways to generate more income so I had more time and freedom to escape the 9 to find grind. My first plan was to follow my passion for fitness so I enrolled in a Personal Training course. After 3 months of study I was loving it. Finally I was following my passion.

Only problem was that I hadn’t done enough research into the profession.

I asked around it didn’t seem like personal trainers were really living a life of freedom and abundance. After taking a closer look into the industry, I realized that personal trainers work just as hard (if not even harder!) to earn the same amount of money as corporate workers did.

What was the problem? LEVERAGE.

Training clients one-to-one didn’t offer enough leverage of my time to provide me the true freedom I was after.

I then came across wealthy entreprenuer Robert Kiyosaki. I read his book Rich Dad Poor Dad and watched this video and EVERYTHING CHANGED. My mindset around business, life and money ultimately transformed.

He introduced the idea of passive income which meant you would always get paid whether you’re working or not. As an employee he made me realize that as long as I was trading my time for money my income would always be capped!

Earning passive or residual income puts no limit on your income earning potential. He also woke me up to the fact that you will never experience true wealth or freedom unless you became a business owner and investor.


I then became fascinated with these concepts and stumbled across the business model of positively geared investment property. Wow. Amazing concept. Imagine being able to own a property that, after deducting mortgage repayments, put more money in your pocket than took! Positively geared properties was how the rich got richer because the rent always covered the repayments plus more!

Only problem was that not only were these properties so hard to find, but you also needed a huge deposit to get into the game in the first place! I was looking at some rural properties that generated great returns. But i needed a minimum of around $80,000 to invest for my first deposit! Then it would take a while to purchase multiple properties and create positive cashflow that would replace my day time job income.

Back to the drawing board...

How the heck can achieve the lifestyle of my dreams?

What was the solution?

I had to become a business owner.

There had to be a way I could start a business where there were no significant start up costs or overheads to diminish my bottom line.

Introducing... Internet Marketing.

The solution had been in front of me the whole time!

I realized that the internet is a powerful tool that allows the average person to quickly set up a business with low costs. Not only that, running a digital business allows a person to set up automated systems that could generate income and sales over and over again, even while in my sleep!

Running a digital business allows me to generate income from anywhere in the world. No boss to report to, no cap on my income earning potential and no one to tell me when I can and can’t take holidays.

To get started online you don’t even need your own products to sell! You can leverage other reputable brands and products and earn what is called affiliate commissions. These concepts are so mind blowing I still couldn’t believe the average person just had no idea!

SO I gathered all my savings and invested in my first mentor (a guy who earned multiple seven figures online).He and his business partner took me by the hand and coached me through setting up my first online business. As a student I was also able to earn while I learned this new skill.

So long story short after six months of hard work learning and mastering this new skill of internet marketing I finally was able to quit my job and I partner up with my younger brother.

We now work completely on our own terms and actually enjoy what we do!

Not only do we get to continually grow our passive income streams but we also get to help other ‘newbie’ people do the same. I actually now feel I get to make a difference and am so grateful I’ve found a business model that allows true financial freedom.



If you are interested learning how we do what we do I would like to share with you the same free training I used to get myself started.

It’s a 7-day video training series offered by our good friends and mentors Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

These videos are super informative and will give you a solid understanding of what it takes and how it all works. You’ll also learn how you can get started in the simplest, fastest and safest way. Enjoy!

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