Christopher James Hall


Who Am I?

At age 23 I had an accounting degree, was working away in the natural resources industry, driving an agitator truck and earning decent money. Instead of working my way up the corporate ladder, I decided to chase the money! My vision was that I could keep working my way up the company that one day I may be a SUPERVISOR.. YAYY!!


I took a good look at the environment I was surrounded with in my workplace and the lifestyle my work colleagues and myself where living. This was not the lifestyle that I desired to live. I was working 12 hour days, having after work drinks, living an unhealthy lifestyle and had zero passion for what I was doing. But this was not the deal breaker for me. It was the fact that I have to be away from the people I care about most. I did not want a future like my work colleagues who have families, and miss out on a lot of there children's childhood all because there job required them to work in remote areas.

So What Now?

Well I could get a job as an accountant and slave away behind a computer and desk just like my brother who had zero passion in his career. How about start my own tradition business just like my parents did, where I’m stuck in one geographical location and would require over 60+ hours a week of my time. Or maybe take the skills I had developed and get a job back in the city. I was brought up with the concept that time is money, so either way this is how I would be producing my income.

That's until I discovered ENTREPRENEURSHIP!!

I also adopted the concept that “money is just a byproduct of your valve to society”. If I had a job as an accountant, started my own business, or was driving a truck, I would be earning the amount of income that I deserved working in an economy that is very unpredictable.

Entrepreneurs on the other hand are leaders who provide solutions to problems and are remunerated by the value they provide. And in a world that is starving of leadership there is no greater time to provide value to the world, through the power of the internet.

So How is it I provide Value?

The internet has allowed me to run an online business and therefore live a life of true freedom and happiness. My business is running 24/7, from anywhere in the world, with no boss to report to and an unlimited earning potential. It is now become a passion of mine to educate others so they can also live a life that they always wanted. There is nothing more rewarding than helping struggling people turn there life around, and create freedom for themselves.


And how does my life look today..

Each morning I wake up and I am excited about the day. I have also got my drive for fitness back and am living healthy lifestyle again. I work and train with my business partner who is also my brother. With the time and financial freedom I am able to create for myself I am now able to do all the things that where not possible when I was working away. I’m now a regular babysitter to my little nieces which is one of the greatest jobs in the world.

Helping the less unfortunate, especially in my native Philippines is what drives me. The more success I have, the more I am able to provide for them and all my family. I have so much gratitude for everything I have in my life and nothing makes me happier than putting a smile on there faces

So how am I able to help you?

If you looking for more time freedom and financial freedom, I am able to show you the same strategies that I used to create my digital life. Even if you don’t have your own products to sell or don’t know where to start. I will share with you all my knowledge I have taken from two of the top internet marketers in the industry and my personal mentors.

The whole make money online starts with the right mindset. I am a student of personal development and am here to tell you that ‘yes you can!!’. I will share with you the exact same vehicle that has allowed me to live my digital life.

You know your situation better than I do..

But if you want to have more time and financial freedom, spending your valuable time with the people you care about most, and have the right amount of drive and passion, I will strive to help you get what you want. You can then share your knowledge with the world and impact other peoples lives.

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