13 Fantastic Facebook Advertising Tips You Can Start Implementing In Your Business

With over a billion active users monthly, Facebook is an avenue for social media marketing that is simply too huge to ignore! However, with the increasing diversity of this social networking website, leaving an impact becomes all the more difficult. Nonetheless, do not fret! With the right set of skills and just enough creativity, devising a strategy in order to get the maximum benefit out of Facebook becomes easy!

Listed here are some Facebook advertising and marketing tips that you can use to boost your performance for your business in a scalable way. Through my Facebook Advertising Tips, you will learn how to choose your campaign objectives, understand the benefits of using of a variety of Facebook advertising formats and begin devising a better way to market what you have!

#1 Take advantage of Facebook ads while keeping your own page appealing and up-to-date!

While it is important to advertise your business, it is just as important to maintain, if not increase, your credibility. Many businesses focus so much on Facebook ads that they actually begin to overlook their own page. Bear in mind that the page updates are just as fundamental to your marketing efforts as those clicks that you generate via ads!

Ads work best when coupled with an excellent timeline. After all, social media is not a simple matter of attracting attention. Social media is all about engaging people! And what better way to do that than having the perfect ad to the perfect page!

#2 Bring creative rotation into play.

Creative rotation allows you to generate better performances through continuous A/B testing. For those who are not familiar with A/B test, this where you simply test multiple ad copies, pictures and landing pages against each other. By making use of this technique inside the newsfeed, you can refresh messages, increase the click-through rate (CTR) and keep up with the impression amounts!  Therefore, if you intend to rapidly boost your campaigns and make the most of your Facebook efforts, I’d suggest you set up a system based on a steady refresh of advertising messages.

#3 Utilize the proper page post format.

Each page post format has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. When choosing the most appropriate format to utilize, bear in mind the objective you wish to achieve. If you aim to generate site conversions or sales, choosing a “page post link” ad would do the job excellently. If you intend to compel brand connection as your campaign goal, a “page post photo” ad just might do the trick.

Page post link ads enjoy a higher percent in terms of conversion rate as opposed to page post photo ads. This is because you do not waste money on clicks by people clicking on the picture. Instead, a page post link drives your visitor straight to your landing page. On the contrary, I have found page post photo ads generate a higher CTR as opposed to page post link ads. By understanding the difference between the two formats, you can even combine them to get the best out of both worlds!

#4 Set your goals and appropriately choose your line of attack.

The multitude of ad opportunities provided by Facebook can help you accomplish your goals once you have clearly set out the things you wish to achieve. All that’s left to do after determining what you want to reach is to get working. If your main objective is to manufacture brand awareness so as to cultivate a fan base, you may want to begin with standard marketplace ads. Standard marketplace ads are linked directly to your Facebook page and allow Facebook users to like your page straight inside the ad unit. If you have a considerable fan base, you might also want to attempt the use of a sponsored story, in which case an ad comes up to friends who have liked your page.

No matter what goal you have set your mind upon, or what method you have chosen to use, just make sure that you are positioned to calculate success!

#5 Set a target population

Targeting a particular population or group with Facebook ads allows your promotion to proceed much more smoothly. By setting a target population, you can promote to the correct users based on their actual interests, thereby increasing your success rate. A target population need not be limited however to only those individuals whose interests are in line with your business. You can also target the friends of Facebook users who have previously liked your page. If you would like to advertise a specific post from your page, such as a unique offer or a significant news story, you can even make use of page post Sponsored Stories to switch your post into a newsfeed piece.

#6 Select photos that are simply superb. https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5235/5886225374_c57c6c1966.jpg

Catchy images will always attract attention! The photos you select for your ad are perhaps among the most significant aspects of grabbing the viewer’s interest. When choosing an image to use, do not limit yourself to your company logo. Consider looking outside the norm but within the scope of what you are offering.

In selecting photos, I have found the most excellent images for conversion are well-cropped headshots. Just a tip. Do your best to stay away from archetypal stock photos. Rather, try to make use of more natural images. Also, ensure that the photos you choose present themselves with colors that are distinguishable from the blue color format of Facebook.

#7 Use Call to Action (CTA).

Just because your ad can consist of up to 135 characters, doesn’t mean you are required to use them all! Believe me, a lengthy ad does not necessarily entail a lengthy list of customers. From time to time, a shorter line can work much better! So, at appropriate situations, use a call to action (CTA) that persuades fans and users to click your ad. This way, not only does the ad deliver a short and convincing message, but it also enlightens the users as to what action you expect them to perform when they get to your landing page.

#8 Produce and experiment with several ads.

Do not simply run a single ad within each campaign! Diversity can do you wonders! In fact, even the smallest alteration in the words you select or the graphics you utilize can have an outsized effect on the CTR for your ad, so it’s best to make numerous adaptations of your ad and experiment with them to find out which ad gets the best response.

#9 Quotes rock! Make use of them as you deem necessary. Photo: "Everybody is ambitious. The question is whether you are ambitious to be or ambitious to do."</p><br />
<p>#Entrepreneurship</p><br />
<p>Do you have what it takes to take complete control of your life? Click here to begin your entrepreneurial journey.. http://bit.ly/1vDF2JL

What could be warmer than a post to lighten up the day? Posts involving inspiring or life-affirming quotes often perform very well, so don’t be afraid to use those heart-warming words of wisdom. To spice things up, you can even attach a photo to your quote – even better, do Pinterest-style image/quote overlay. A great free tool I recommend for creating eye catching picture quotes is a website named Canva.com. People eat that stuff up!

# 10 Allow users to insert their own photo captions.

Asking for users to provide a caption to an exciting or laugh-worthy photo is a smart way to drive interaction and engagement. And it hits two birds with one stone! It catches the user’s attention and allows you to assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

# 11 Give incentives! Share some exclusive content to your Facebook fans. 

Posting special, top secret content visible only to your fans on Facebook adds a sense of exclusivity and belonging. Posting information or tidbits that could not be found elsewhere gives a certain incentive to the fans and it can even make them feel special.

#12 Ask questions! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4f/Question_mark_(3534516458).jpg

Let’s admit it. If there’s one thing common among Facebook users, it’s the fact that they love to let their voices be heard. When making posts, try incorporating questions or surveys. Just a piece of advice though. Keep the questions simple – no one wants to fill out the SATs on Facebook.


# 13 Lights, camera, YouTube! In other words, don’t restrict yourself to pictures.

Videos have crazy high engagement rates so use them in your posts to get some serious attention. Make sure to get the right ones though - those with just the right amount of funny and the right amount of “I’m trying to make a point” in them.



I hope you can enjoy the healthy dose of facebook advertising tips that I've delivered today. If you want to assess just how useful they can be, how about trying out some of these social strategies and reporting back to us? Come and tell us your favorite trick or inform us if we’ve missed anything. We’d love to hear from you in our comment section!


Hope you enjoyed our insights.

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