12 Empowering Statements That Will Change Your Life

The following statements are designed to be commitments that you make to yourself. If you don’t believe inside what you are saying, you are being inauthentic and dis-empowered. Commit to taking control of your language and see what happens.

1) “I do my absolute best at all times.” 

If I’m going to do this, then I am going to do it properly. (If you have a pattern of starting things and then quitting once disenchanted, think seriously if you have the willpower, desire, and/or determination to complete the challenge.

No one will judge you if you don’t make any progress. Everyone will laugh at you if you quit… 🙂

2) “I am fully committed to creating a best possible life.” 

I’m making a pledge to myself and my family. I am doing this because I deserve it.

3) “I blame no one.”

If I fail, or continue to struggle, I will not blame God, my mentors, the community, the weather (or planetary alignments). I will take responsibility for my lack of commitment, discipline and work ethic and blame no one, including myself.

I will do my best to examine myself and seek to understand why I continue to repeat the same behaviors even though I recognize that they don’t serve me.

4) “I am open minded.” 

I am willing to change and let go of even my most strongly held beliefs and convictions if I have to. I am willing to challenge old belief systems, paradigms, conditioning, and habits.

5) “I finish what I start.” 

Even though this may not have always been the case in the past, I am committing to, finish what I start and complete the task at hand. I am consciously making the decision to become less easily distracted. Henceforward I will stop jumping around, chasing easy­ button solutions and shortcuts.

6) “I am ready to earn my way.” 

I am willing to do whatever it takes to earn my way. I am willing to invest in myself in order to increase my value to society as this is the only legitimate way to increase my income.

I am not looking for a handout and realize that no one owes me anything. I will not assume anything. Nothing is “given.” Everything is earned.

7) “I am a leader.” 

I understand that leadership is the most valuable skill I can possibly learn. First, to lead myself, my mind, health, and financial situation and then secondly, to be an example for others. I always lead by example.

8) “I respect others.” 

I understand that we are all on different paths to different places and we all come from a unique place to begin with. Thus, I have no clue what the other person may be dealing with. To judge them is to assume that I know them and what’s best for them and I’m smart enough not to be that arrogant or narrow­minded.

I respect others as I would like to be respected and never do anything to intentionally hurt another participant. I seek out the best and see the best in others.

9) “I will act with integrity at all times.”

I am willing to be honest with myself and because of that I am also able to be honest with others. I know that in the end, the only person I can lie to is myself anyways and I am making the commitment today to speak from the heart, to say what I mean, and mean what I say.

I no longer use passive aggressive behaviors or communication, gossip or innuendos. I will be direct, upfront, and authentic at all times. I do not talk behind peoples’ backs but rather speak with them directly and without judgement. If I slip up or make a mistake, I own it confidently and do my best to make it right.

10) “I am happy.” 

I understand that anger and frustration are fear­based emotions. I realize that projected guilt (used to make someone else feel bad, or blame for myself,) is also harmful and counterproductive 100% of the time. Instead, I build people up and bring out the best in them.

11) “I am grateful.” 

I take nothing for granted and expect no one to solve the problems (or situation) that I have created for myself. I understand that at an energetic level, gratitude, abundance, love, peace, and happiness are all the same vibration.

I understand that the energy I carry about with me not only affects me, but everyone else around me whether it can be tangibly felt or not.


I am committed to staying in a place of gratitude, even at my lowest points in order to ensure that I do not slip back into the same old habits and patterns that come from old fear paradigms; paradigms such as poverty consciousness, lack, and limitation.

12) “My intentions are good and my heart is in the right place.”

In everything I do, my intention is to do it in a way that is in the best interest of myself, my family, my community, and my customers. I understand that as long as the decisions I make are sponsored by the right intentions and motives, there is a significantly greater chance of my life moving in the right direction.



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True power and the ability to take control of your life and design your future all starts with changing your language.
This is one of the greatest distinctions you’ll ever learn about life.

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