12 Creative Ways to Advertise on a Shoestring Budget

Are you an up-and-coming business entrepreneur having trouble with your advertising costs? Or are you a blue chip company owner simply looking for a way to reduce your marketing bills? Whether the former or the latter, you’ve just about stumbled at the right place at the right time!

No matter how large or small your business’ cash stash may be, these 12 practically free, low cost marketing tactics that I’ve pulled together on How to Advertise for Free may just whisk your worries away! So, what are these marketing strategies then? They’re just below your noses!

#1 Increase your visibility on search engines.

Strategic use of keywords can put your business’ name at the top of customers’ search results. But, how can you do this? Well, here’s one tip! Insert keywords that describe your business into the HTML < META > tags on your Website pages. Then, repeat these keywords in the text of your Website’s homepage. Without you knowing it, your visibility on search engines may increase well enough to improve your customer base!

#2 Place your URL on everything. And I mean, just about everything!

Spreading the word about your business is no walk in the park! The same applies for sustaining your business’ success! That’s why you should always maximize your advertising efforts, to the point where you list your Website’s address on just about everywhere legally acceptable. Print the URL on your company’s letterhead, on your business cards, on the front of your building or on the door to your office suite. Use the URL in your e-mail signature. Even more, list the URL on any print advertising that you do, including phone books, brochures, flyers, and direct mail pieces. By increasing awareness, more future customers may become notified of your business!

#3 Utilize podcasting!

Don’t be afraid to spread the range of your marketing from written words to audible sounds! Podcasts are audio files recorded in a radio talk show format. By posting podcasts on your Website and other sites like Apple’s iTunes (www.itunes.com), customers can subscribe to your podcasts, download them as soon as they are available, and then listen to them on their computers or portable MP3 devices. What’s good about this is that the software to create podcasts is free! Now, all you have to add would be that imaginative thinking!

#4 Join online communities.

From celebrity stars to scientific breakthroughs to simple gossip, the range of discussions going on over the Internet just could not be listed down unto a piece of paper. No matter what the topic, there are thousands of people around the world passionately discussing matters on the Internet. By joining and henceforth, contributing to these discussion groups, not only can you gain access to useful customer data, but you can also advertise your business and inform them of what you have to offer.

#5 List down those e-mail addresses! 

The foundation of your business does not just lie in the products or the services that you can offer! The true foundation of your business would always remain to be your clientele. As such, always keep in contact with them. Cultivate a list of your customers’ e-mail addresses and send them new product announcements, coupons, special offers, and other useful knick knacks.

#6 Allow guest blogging.

Give your customers a voice! Authorize and publish guest posts on high profile or well-trafficked sites in your niche. Aside from giving your customers the chance to let their thoughts be heard, guest blogging is also a great way to promote both your brand and your expertise. Free guest blogging communities, like My Blog Guest and Guest Blog It, are a good starting point.

#7 Utilize available resources. Go YouTube Marketing!

As you may well be aware, the popularity of YouTube is immense! Given that it is the world's second largest search engine, there’s no doubt that it’s an avenue you just cannot, and must not deny! Create a YouTube Channel and leverage proven video marketing tactics, like "how-to" style video content and response videos to improve search visibility and potentially drive leads. You’ll be surprised to see the wonders of YouTube.

#8 Interview!

Do individual video interviews on news-makers in your niche via Skype then post them on YouTube. Make sure to embed the YouTube code on your site and to transcribe the video with a cheap tool like CastingWords. Remember to post the transcribed content on your blog for search engines to grab.

#9 Answer comments on your blog.

As time consuming as it may be, try to respond to all comments on your blog; engaging with your readership and nurturing a community on your blog is a fantastic and low effort way to build your brand and your site's rapport. Remember again where the real foundation of a business lies! If you want happy customers, you have to ask them what they want and respond in the best way you can.

#10 Create free newsletters.

Create a free newsletter sign-up on your site and publish a free newsletter each month. Just an added tip! If you intend to get fresh content on the cheap, you can repurpose content from your blog. Turn a white paper into a series of newsletters with a link to download the rest for free, and so on.

#11 Run a big group interview.

Although it’s useful to trust your instincts, when it comes to your customers, the best way to know what they want is not for you to assume, but for you to ask them. You can hold big group interviews as you see fit. Big group interviews are very useful. They help you build relationships and brand evangelists within your niche, get links and even increase social media engagement! And if those aren’t enough, big group interviews can even allow you to gather enough information, especially regarding competitive topics.

#12 Widen your marketing tactic range! Do some Pinterest Marketing!

If you're into clothing, fashion, beauty, entertainment, design, photography, food, jewelry, or a similar lifestyle-niche business, you're a natural fit for image sharing on Pinterest. Pinterest can generate great exposure with high quality photos of your products so showcase your business products and get the money rolling!

Though useful, not all these ideas may be appropriate for your business. For that reason, you may still need to invest in learning the most effective techniques and strategies required to capture your target customers. The important thing however is that you continue to think creatively and experiment. If you do intend to widen your knowledge though, I suggest that you join The Six Figure Mentors now and see more ideas on How to advertise for free.

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